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  • IDW Games to Publish String Safari , To Hit Shelves in Spring of 2015

    Latest Import from the Designer Behind Trains to Hit Shelves in Spring of 2015 Today, IDW Games announced it would be bringing its latest imported title to market in April of 2015. String Safari, a game of tile placement and string manipulation has players competing to complete research projects by roping in the most exotic

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  • Infectiously Fun Rattus Cartus To Be Published By IDW Games

    Hit Adaptation of the Rattus Series Delivers All New Gameplay Experience This fall, IDW Games will bring a pox upon the house of any gamer brave enough to pick up a copy of their new card game, Rattus Cartus. Rattus Cartus is a card game based off the International best selling Rattus series of board games. (more…)

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  • IDW Games Signs Multi-Game Deal To Bring Chew To Your Tabletop

    Last night at the Diamond Retailer Summit, IDW Games announced a deal with John Layman and Rob Guillory that will create a new line of CHEW tabletop games for fans to sink their teeth into. The smash-hit comic series is already on its way to an animated adaptation, and starting in early 2015 fans hungry for more CHEW will have (more…)

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